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  • Dec132023

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 13, 2023: R&S Group launched on the stock exchange

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  • Dec112023

    Finews of December 11, 2023: VT5 close to the finish line

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  • Nov132023 of November 13, 2023: VT5 Acquisition: Is the R&S Group a good deal?

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  • Nov082023

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of November, 8 2023: Transformers slip into the stock market shell

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  • Oct022023

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of October 2, 2023: VT5 plans merger with the R&S Group

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  • Dec142022

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 14, 2022: Possible takeovers: VT5 has its sights on two companies

    Since going public about a year ago, Spac VT5 has looked at more than two dozen companies as potential acquisition…

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  • Jun092022

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of June 9, 2022: VT5 on the search for takeover candidates

    The search has been in full swing and management has engaged with several acquisition candidates, the company said Thursday.

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  • Feb252022

    NZZ of February 25, 2022: Are SPACs an attractive asset class?

    SPAC shares: a letdown or the best investment of the year, depending on your standpoint.

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  • Dec072021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 7, 2021: VT5 president: “We have a longlist of target companies”

    Heinz Kundert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Spac VT5, wants to find the next hidden champion in the…

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  • Dec062021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 6, 2021: Veraison launches first Swiss Spac with VT5

    Now the Swiss stock exchange is also getting its first Spac. VT5 of investor Gregor Greber wants to go public…

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