• Sep292021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of 29. September, 2021: The IPO party takes place without Switzerland

    The environment for IPOs is excellent, but SIX has not benefited so far, Eflamm Mordrelle from Finanz und Wirtschaft said.…

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  • Aug302021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of August 27, 2021: The Swiss IPO Autumn gets hot

    One of the reasons for a hot IPO Autumn is that Switzerland will soon be ready for Spacs.

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  • Jul212021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of July 21, 2021: Swiss Spac realistic in fall

    Ivo Ruch: "Regulation of listed shell companies is entering the home stretch. Potential projects are ready to go."

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  • Jul202021

    NZZ of July 20, 2021: Boom around blank check companies crumbles: Spacs are not becoming popular in Switzerland

    While the controversial investment vehicles were already showing signs of overheating in other markets, they had not yet reached Switzerland,…

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  • Jun162021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of June 16, 2021: Stock exchange hurries for blank check companies

    New guidelines for the listing of Spac shell companies could become effective before the end of 2021 and stimulate the…

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  • May222021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of May 21, 2021: Spac: Why professionals love the stock market shells so much

    The boom times for listed blank check companies are over, says Peter Rohner. They remain interesting because of the arbitrage…

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  • Apr282021

    NZZ of April 28, 2021: SPACs: Sought and Demonized

    Switzerland is lagging behind in the Spac hype, writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on March 12, 2021.

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  • Apr012021

    Next Generation Wealth of April 1, 2021: Is a SPAC approach relevant for Swiss companies? (Part 2)

    Leti McManus: "Some good and some bad news for potential targets."

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  • Mar312021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of March 30, 2021: Spac IPOs under scrutiny

    "Switzerland is struggling to regulate SPACs, but the boom is unlikely to disappear anytime soon."

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  • Mar272021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of March 26, 2021: Finma calls off Swiss Spac

    The financial market regulator is preventing a SPAC in Switzerland for now.

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