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  • Feb162021

    Finews of February 16, 2021: Spacs: Why it won’t work without Tidjane Thiam and Sergio Ermotti

    "" explains why exponents with a track record in a SPAC's target industry are a key success factor.

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  • Feb092021 of February 9, 2021:

    "" explains how Special Purpose Acquisition Companies work and why they can be an alternative to an IPO.

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  • Jan122021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of January 12, 2021: A Swiss SPAC is becoming more and more concrete

    A major international trend has so far bypassed Switzerland: IPOs of so-called Spac (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). But now a…

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  • Sep232020

    McKinsey Study: Earning the Premium

    Die McKinsey-Studie erklärt anschaulich, worauf es bei erfolgreichen SPACs ankommt.

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