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  • Apr012021

    Next Generation Wealth of April 1, 2021: Is a SPAC approach relevant for Swiss companies? (Part 2)

    Leti McManus: "Some good and some bad news for potential targets."

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  • Mar312021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of March 30, 2021: Spac IPOs under scrutiny

    "Switzerland is struggling to regulate SPACs, but the boom is unlikely to disappear anytime soon."

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  • Mar272021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of March 26, 2021: Finma calls off Swiss Spac

    The financial market regulator is preventing a SPAC in Switzerland for now.

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  • Mar262021

    Bilanz of March 26, 2021: SPAC-tacular boom

    Erich Gerbl of Bilanz: "Those who follow certain rules can profit from the boom."

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  • Mar132021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of March 13, 2021: Swiss SPAC attracts great interest

    A Swiss Spac (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) is becoming more and more concrete. A project staffed with prominent industry and…

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  • Mar122021

    NZZ of March 12, 2021: The Spac Boom Claims a First Victim: the Swiss Stock Exchange

    Switzerland is lagging behind in the Spac hype, writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on March 12, 2021.

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  • Mar102021

    Hello SPACs – Welcome to Switzerland!

    Die Qualität der ersten Schweizer SPACs wird darüber entscheiden, ob sich die Alternative zu IPOs und Private Equity bei Investoren…

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  • Mar012021

    Bilanz of March 1, 2021: Investor Klaus Hommels approaches SPAC

    The "Bilanz" on the first (continental) European technology SPAC, listed in Frankfurt, but with Swiss participation.

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  • Feb212021

    Handelsblatt of February 21, 2021: First SPAC in Frankfurt: This is what investor Hommels wants to achieve

    With Lakestar Spac I, a SPAC went public in Germany for the first time in many years. Investor Klaus Hommels,…

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  • Feb192021

    NZZ of February 19, 2021: SPACs about to make the leap to Switzerland

    Read here what makes SPACs successful. 

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