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  • Jun092022

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of June 9, 2022: VT5 on the search for takeover candidates

    The search has been in full swing and management has engaged with several acquisition candidates, the company said Thursday.

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  • Feb252022

    NZZ of February 25, 2022: Are SPACs an attractive asset class?

    SPAC shares: a letdown or the best investment of the year, depending on your standpoint.

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  • Dec152021

    SIX News of December 15, 2021: The Swiss Stock Exchange Welcomes VT5 – the First SPAC Company to be listed in Switzerland

    VT5 as a platform is ideally suited to enable a company to take the disruptive path to the stock exchange…

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  • Dec142021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 14, 2021: Der Praktikus on what’s in store for SPACs

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants to introduce stricter rules...

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  • Dec072021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 7, 2021: VT5 president: “We have a longlist of target companies”

    Heinz Kundert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Spac VT5, wants to find the next hidden champion in the…

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  • Dec062021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 6, 2021: Veraison launches first Swiss Spac with VT5

    Now the Swiss stock exchange is also getting its first Spac. VT5 of investor Gregor Greber wants to go public…

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  • Dec022021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of December 2, 2021: Swiss Spac in the starting blocks

    Next week, the listing regulations for shell companies will be coming into effect. Two projects are in the pipeline.

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  • Nov172021

    NZZ of November 17, 2021: Spacs coming to the SIX

    The NZZ writes about the arrival of Spacs in Switzerland.

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  • Nov162021

    Finews of November 16, 2021: Spacs on the SIX – now it’s time to catch up

    Spacs can now be traded on the SIX. The exchange operator is hoping for growth from the shell companies both…

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  • Nov162021

    Finanz und Wirtschaft of November 16, 2021: Spac can be traded on the SIX

    So-called Spacs may be listed and traded on the Swiss stock exchange SIX from December 6. Approval from all relevant…

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